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PixFiler 5.3 Beta 5

PixFiler 5.3 is currently being beta tested. If you want to try the program, please click on download to download and install.

Program name Version Date Size Download
PixFiler 5.3.0 Beta 5 23-Dec-2011 6.0 MB Download

This software is a beta version. This means that the software is likely to have bugs. Crashes and loss of data may occure. You should under no circumstance use this beta software for business critical applications.

Error reporting

Please report any bugs or problems to beta@br-software.com.

What is new in PixFiler 5.3

What is Beta testing?

Testing is an important part of making software. Most software goes through alpha and beta testing. Alpha testing is normally carried out in-house. When the developers feel that the software starts to get pretty stable, it goes into the beta phase of the testing. This is carried out by external users, either a closed group or it is open for the piblic. This is normally the last phase of testing before the software product is released.

During beta testing, it is important that any problems the tester may come across are reported back to the developers. The more of the problems that are reported, the better the finished product will be.

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