Getting started

You can now also get the "Getting Started with PixFiler" Guide in Adobe Reader format. It's a document 8 pages long that will help you getting started with PixFiler in just minutes.

Get the guide

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  1. start downloading the software by clicking on the word Download on our Download Page.
  2. select where you want to place the downloaded file. You can usually use the default.
  3. When the download is finished, click on the Run button to start installation.


  1. start installation by either double-click on the file you downloaded or you can click on the "Run" button in the download dialogue.
  2. read the license agreement and click Yes if you accespt the terms (you must accept to be able to install).
  3. answer the questions. For most installation, the default values will do alright.
  4. PixFiler will start automatically when the installation has successfully finished.

First time run

  1. You will be asked to create a photo index. Choose between automatic or manual index creation. In most cases Automatic will do ok. This will create a photo index in your Documents folder.
  2. You will now be asked if you want to add photos. Answer yes.
  3. The Add Photos Form will appear. Navigate to the folder you want to add photos from and select which photo files to add. If you don't select any files, all image files in that folder will be added. There is also a checkbox to include all sub folders. You can also choose which file types you want to add.
  4. Click on the ADD button. PixFiler will now start adding photos to it's database (photo index). This may take some time, depending on the number of photos.
  5. After the photos have been added, the PixFIler main screen will show up. Thumbnails of the photos you just added will appear. This may be slow at first, but will speed up as the thumbnails are created.
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