Supports RAW image formats for most cameras

PixFiler will also let you organize and view your RAW format files if you have any of the cameras listed below. This is not inteded as a RAW converter, even though this is possible, but a tool that lets you view the RAW files with reasonable quality.

Making RAW files viewable is very complicated and takes several seconds (depending on the format and your camera's resolution). PixFiler can optionally store a JPEG copy of your RAW the first time you view it so subsequent viewing will be very quick.

RAW files from the following cameras are supported (it will support JPEG files from any camera, even if the camera is not in this list):

We have not been able to test all these cameras so please contact us if you have problems with any of these formats.

In many cases, the camera also stores a JPEG inside the RAW file. If a JPEG is found, PixFiler will display this. This make browsing through RAW files much faster.

Other cameras?

We try to support as many cameras as possible. However, adding support for a new camera may take some time and it usually takes at least a month from the camera is released till PixFiler can read the RAW files.

This list is only for RAW support. If you use JPEG or TIFF, you can of course use PixFiler even if your camera is not on this list.

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