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file types jpeg tiff crw nef x3f jpg tif psd pcd gifWith PixFiler you can display photos stored in many formats. This photo viewer and organizer supports 20 main formats and many variations of some of the formats. It also display photos stored in RAW formats. More than 70 camera models are supported.

The following image file formats can be displayed:

RAW image formats

List of cameras

RAW formats

Most SLR's and top of the range compact cameras can store the photos in a format called RAW. What is stored in these files are the picture just as the censor on the camera sees it. No modifications are done. The RAW format is different, not only for each brand of camera, but actually for each camera model within the brand.

Another challenge with RAW is the complexity of decoding the files. The camera does not store full colour information for each pixel in your photo, just green, blue, or red is stored for each pixel. To get the correct colour a mixture of green, blue, and red is needed. So, if a pixel only have blue colour information stored, the red and green must be calculated based on the pixels around this pixel. For a 8 megapixel camera, this calculation must be done 8 million times. That's why displaying RAW's are slow.

Cameras supported

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