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PixFiler makes it easy to organize your photos so it's easy to find any photo at a later time.

When you annotate and categorize a picture in PixFiler, every word you enter will be indexed in the database. It will also index all information about date and place. This makes it very fast to search for and find a photo. Most searches takes less then a second even if you hace tens of thousands pictures. Dates, places, events, categories and folders are easy and fast to browse in the hierarchical Navigator View. A couple of clicks and the photos can be viewed.

You can view the result of a search as thumbnails. The thumbnails are stored using a techinque called caching so they display very fast. You can select the size of the thumbnails so you can either view hundreds of small thumbnails or just a few larger.

PixFiler uses the database SQLite. SQLite is one of the fastest and most compact relational databases available. Even with many many thousands of photos PixFiler is still very fast. We have tested with 750,000 photos and PixFiler still ran very well.

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