Make a photo album CD

Share your photos with friends and relatives. Send them a CD photo album! The pictures can be viewed on any computer running Microsoft Windows® without having to install any software.

create a cd photo album of your digital photos

With PixFiler it is easy to make a CD with your photos. Just select which photos you want to put on the CD. All information about the pictures will also be on the CD (you can select which data to exclude). A read-only version of PixFiler is also installed on the CD so the CD can be viewed on any Windows computer without having to install any software. Just insert the CD you created and the pictures will pop up. You have the same search and browse capabilities as in PixFiler.

You can also choose to have PixFiler change the size and quality of the pictures as they are copied. Let's say you store your photos as TIFF. PixFiler can automatically convert the TIFFs to JPEG to make room for a lot more photos on the CD.

Download the 30 day free trial version of PixFiler and make your first photo album CD TODAY!

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