PixFiler - photo organizer

PixFiler is a photo organizer that will make it easy to organize all your digital photos. Annotate and categorize your pictures. Easily browse through years, months, places, categories, events, and folders. You can print your photos or make CD or Web pages to share with your friends. You can search for any information you have entered about a picture. Run a slideshow.

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PixGPS - geotagger

PixGPS photo Geotagger screen shotHave you ever wanted to know exactly where a photo was taken? This simple program will store the latitude and longitude in the EXIF meta data. All you need is a digital camera and a GPS Receiver with tracking capabilities.

PixGPS will compare the data in your image files with the data stored in the track log from the GPS Receiver and calculate longitude and latitude for each photo. The position can be stored in the photos EXIF Meta Data or shown on a map.

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BR's EXIFextracter - extract meta data

EXIFextracter screen shot Most digital cameras store technical information about the photo in a format called EXIF. This simple program will extract EXIF-information from JPEG-files taken by your digital camera and save the information in text-files. These files can be read by most databases, Excel, and BR's PhotoArchiver.

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User Friendly

We try to focus on user friendliness when making our software. We also try to focus on efficiency. Our programs are written in the programming language C++, a language that is known for creating compact programs that run fast.

The programs do what they are supposed to do, but does not have a lot of bells and whistles beyond that. Thanks to this, the programs doesn't take up a lot of resources on your computer. Even PixFiler doesn't occupy more than 12 MB of disk space when installed (the picture database can of course take a lot more space).

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