BR's EXIFextracter

EXIF extracterBR's EXIFextractor is a simple freeware program that will extract the EXIF meta information from all digital photos (JPEG and TIFF files only) in a folder (optionally including subfolders) and saves the data in a CSV-file (Comma Separated Values). This file can be read by any program that is capable of reading CSV-files, for instance Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, PixFiler, and most other databases.

Download BR's EXIFextracter today. It is free!

BR's EXIFextracter is still BETA test but we expect to make a final release soon.

What is EXIF?

EXIF stands for Exchangeable Image File Format. This is a format used by most digital cameras store additional information about the camera settings inside the image file. This is information such as aperture, exposure time, ISO setting, exposure mode, flash usage, focal length and a lot of other more or less interesting data.


If you're looking for a program that helps you organize and catalogue your photos, please take a look at PixFiler.

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